Thank you for looking after me with my foot problem recently


Patient S

Thank you for looking after me so well when I had my toe surgery on 20 July, everything is healing well


Patient IW

Thank you for your care and kindness


Patient FG

Thank you for all the care and support you have shown me over the past 3 months


 Grateful patient

Thank you for doing such a great job and being so lovely


Grateful patient

I write to say thank you for the marvellous service I received at Russells Hall hospital on Friday 16 December.  I was a day surgery patient and had an ankle operation carried out by Mr. Jain.  It was originally scheduled for the 9 December, but due to a lack of beds it was unfortunately cancelled.  However, I understand the problems that the NHS is under this time of the year so I resolved to accept the offer of another attempt the following week.  This time I was planned to attend the day surgery patient.   I think we are very quick to complain about issues but slow to recognise a job well done.  I can only speak in the highest terms about the level of service I received.  I was made to feel the absolute centre of concern from start to finish.  My health and wellbeing were paramount and I felt that I received a first class service.  The nurses on the ward, the theatre nurse, the anaesthetists, the physiotherapists and of course Mr. Jain the surgeon to name but I few I met, all helped to make my short stay as comfortable as possible.

So thank you again to you and your staff for making my stay as pleasant as possible. 

Grateful patient


My wife and I would like to take this humble opportunity to respectfully express our true appreciation and gratitude for the professional care and unfailing support our daughter SAS DOB.***** had received from the initial assessment period from 25.04.2018 to 15.11. 2018 at the above location.

On THURSDAY NOVEMBER 15" 2018 our daughter attended Corbett out patient hospital for an operation to her right foot to remove and correct an ingrown bunion. Whilst there, my wife and | had duly observed some outstanding care from you and all the nursing staff which was administered to our daughter whilst in your care.

It was a great feeling to know that such professional and motivated staff showed warm kindness and support to our daughter who at one point had felt a bit uncomfortable within the hospital environment. Nevertheless, we believed that following the successful operation to our daughter’s foot we wish to extol and thank all care and nursing staff for their kindness, help, professionalism, and respect throughout the entire time spent at the hospital.

My wife and | will always remember the kindness shown by all staff involved.

Mr & Mrs S